• The Steps in Assembling a Camping Tent

    Setting up a tent could be difficult or easy. The difficulty in assembling a tent is based on the type of the tent. Dome styles are easier to assemble compared to pup tents. The dome tents are used for family camping because of its sizes wherein the smallest one can accommodate at least eight.


    Moreover, these types of tent are convenient since it is portable and can fit into a hiking backpack.

    In a camping, the first thing you need to do is to search for a campsite. There are various camping grounds around the country. You can look it up on the internet. If you have chosen a camping place, make sure that the ground where you will assemble the tent is free from rocks and twigs that can damage your tent.


    Have you selected a place? Now, here are the steps you need to follow on how to assemble a tent.


    First Step


    Take out your tent from its packaging. Lay it down on the ground as well as all the materials you will need in setting up the tent. Locate the entrance of your tent and let it face to the camp site. Place all the corners in your desired location.


    Second Step


    Bring all the rods together. The bars are separated from third and fourth whereas the other rods are connected with a string. A dome tent with average size only has two long rods.


    Third Step


    Once you have the rods, slip every single of them on each corner of the tent. Slide the rod until it reaches the slip and continues inserting to the second slip.


    Fourth Step


    After inserting the rods into its proper places, insert to the corner socket to secure the rod. Follow this same instruction for the other rod. The sockets are located on every corner of the tent. If you completed the similar process to the other bars, raise it on the ground.


    Fifth Step


    Use a hammer to stick the stakes on the ground. Repeat these on each of corner of the tent. The stake will hold the tent against from strong winds. This part of the tent is only next to the socket.

    Congratulations, you can now start camping!


    Camping is a healthy outdoor activity. It can be full of fun games, or a bonding time for families to enjoy nature. This recreational activity can strengthen the bond of families and friends. Most of all the refreshing ambiance of nature can replenish the health of any individual.


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